Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Ghost of Korean Air Flight 0018

It was about 10 hours into my flight from LAX to Seoul. I was on my fourth movie, "The Nowhere Boy"an English film about John Lennon's teen years. I slept for a half an hour at the beginning of the flight, but the rest of the time I was kept awake by the man in the seat next to me. He apparently had a nagging pain in his right arm and was convinced that if kept banging it on the hard surfaces of his seat, this action would cure his affliction. Thump, Thump,Thump......Thump,Thump,Thump...Thump, Thump,Thump There were short breaks when he would fall sound asleep. But then the Thump Thump, Thump, would start anew. So I set out to watch every movie they had to offer. I was 3/4 of the way through the Lennon movie. The plane is dark other than light from my movie screen. I'm sitting up against the bulk head in the upstairs section of the 747. Right by the entrance to the bathroom. I'm in the window seat. My neighbor starts thumping his arm again, drawing my ire and attention from my movie.I turn my head and see there is an older Asian man dressed as you see above. I assume he is stretching his legs or waiting for the bathroom. But, no sooner did I set eyes on him, than he started to fade, and fade he did. Until he disappeared completely. Leaving me craning over my noisy neighbor trying to focus my eyes toward where the old man had been standing. I checked the bathroom. He wasn't in there. Later I took a walk through the rest of business class. I didn't find him or anyone similar.
I did a Google search later to see if anyone else had ever seen anything like my vanishing gentlemen. The only thing that turned up, was that a few flight crews had reportedly seen things regularly on the flight between Sydney and Seoul. The result they say of a distraught woman that hanged herself in the loo. No little old Asian men though.

Monday, May 17, 2010