Monday, July 18, 2011

Death Of Whistleblower in Phone Hacking Scandal. I'm Not Buying It Are You?

A Memory Triggered by a Louis Ck bit From His Stand Up Last Night

I had forgotten about doing it until he mentioned his mom like mine, would buy unsalted Saltines.
Why would a mom buy an unsalted saltine? Because she knew her kids wouldn't eat them and they'd last longer.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CYMAX Stores Should be Avoided Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced

Cymax is a furniture Seller/Shipper. run away from them.
Cymax left me hanging for a month. When I would check my order on line it would say"in progress" after a month I called and was informed that there was an "unspecified problem in communicating my order"But they could not tell what or why. (that is no way to run a business)
NO ONE had contacted me to tell me there was any sort of problem. They just left me flapping in the wind, thinking my TV stand was working its way to me.
I was told to wait yet another week to see if this could be sorted out. So I sit on my hands for a week, with my new TV sitting on the floor in harms way. At the end of the week Cymax STILL had NO answer as to why there was a problem, or when they might rectify it. Mind you they of course charged my card. I now have canceled my order and ordered from what I hope is a more reputable company, that has the ability to pick up a phone and sort out their internal problems, as well as keeping their customers informed.
I will NEVER EVER order anything else from CYMAX. Worst vague customer service I've ever received.
My Guess is they won't publish this But I will post it on all the social networks I have access to.

Happy to report this post shows up on google searches. :)