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There Are Days

Not unlike today. When idiot pricks make me want to stomp someone to death.

Have a better one y'all.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have You Seen Hambone?

Eric's dog was stolen!

Click on the Title for more info and reward.

Please Read Below

> My dog, HAMBONE, was stolen Monday evening from outside the 7-11 @ Cahuenga and Yucca in Hollywood.
> He was taken by two men and put in a van that has been described as:
> A Green work van (like an Astro van), with a crappy paint job.
> On the roof of the van is a light bar
> "W2" is painted on the driver's side.
> Hambone has a black body with a white head. One blue eye, and one brown. He is gentle and submissive.
> This dog means the world to me, so please blast this email out to anyone/everyone you know. Any information regarding the van or the whereabouts of the dog is greatly appreciated.
> Please call (310)990-8874, or email .. with any

Or if you see the van described above and can get a license plate number.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Finally a Few Pictures From Bristol

First sight of England

Nice lawn.

Touch Down
My Ride to Bristol
View from the room. There were swans out here as well. Very pretty.
This is the Studio. One of the earliest Aardman buildings. I was told Peter Gabriel's Brick House was animated here.
Unfortunately I only took one shot inside the Studio .

This is a shot of the little room (Referred to as The Box. As in "Are you ready to go back into the box? ") that Rich and Percy work their magic in. Cutting together animatics and recording the voices of Purple and Brown as they go.
Rich was in this shot but I retouched him out of it. At this point in the process they had been working 16 and 18 hour days, so we all looked like 10 miles of bad road.

Ahhh then we were done and it was time for a little R &R. Had some lovely Japanese food and beer.
Above Gareth and Percy. Gareth took better care of me than my mum while I was there.

Percy and Dick Handsome.

Mr Rich Webber and Gareth Owen.

Yours truly, judging by my lazy eyelids, I'd say it looks like the beer is kicking in.

Then out to a great pub. Were I was treated to an espresso Stout. Delicious.
But be warned 3 espresso stouts left me staring at the ceiling until dawn.

How Gareth looks when I'm drunk.

And Rich
and Percy

See how I loose the ability to focus.

Score board
Yes that is a bowling alley in the back of the Pub. We are talking civilization here people.
The next morning found me on a plane back to LA.

A final note. The UK has by far, the best designed toilets that I have ever encountered.

They are deep with the water down in the bottom of the bowl. Unlike we in the US, the English get to walk around without having urine slashed all over their legs. On American toilets, the bowls are so wide and shallow that the only way to keep from splashing your legs with urine is to sit to pee. Which I'm not doing. It doesn't matter where in the bowl you aim, some urine will splash out. Center of the bowl, down the wall, I've tried everything to no avail.
This really should have been a post on its own.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Purple & Brown

These are the characters I spent a week in Bristol helping out with.
They are voiced by the Creator Rich Webber(I hope that is with two B's) and Mike Percival a.k.a. Percy.
Two nicer and talented chaps you'd be hard pressed to find.
If they are reading this, Thanks again mates!
More latter, I have to jump into a SpongeBob Meeting.


Friday, February 01, 2008

I'll Be in Bristol England for a Week

So more post after that.
Don't bother going to house to steal my popscicles, cause they is under guard.