Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have You Seen Hambone?

Eric's dog was stolen!

Click on the Title for more info and reward.

Please Read Below

> My dog, HAMBONE, was stolen Monday evening from outside the 7-11 @ Cahuenga and Yucca in Hollywood.
> He was taken by two men and put in a van that has been described as:
> A Green work van (like an Astro van), with a crappy paint job.
> On the roof of the van is a light bar
> "W2" is painted on the driver's side.
> Hambone has a black body with a white head. One blue eye, and one brown. He is gentle and submissive.
> This dog means the world to me, so please blast this email out to anyone/everyone you know. Any information regarding the van or the whereabouts of the dog is greatly appreciated.
> Please call (310)990-8874, or email .. with any

Or if you see the van described above and can get a license plate number.


Kenny P. said...

Oh Christ, what the fuck??? Evil fuckers.

Sorry for the profanity. I'll keep my eyes open.


James Sutton said...

I just wanna cry right now..
I'd probably kill myself if someone stole my dog..

david gemmill said...

who steals dogs? wow. :( hopefully they find him soon.