Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There Are Days

Not unlike today. When idiot pricks make me want to stomp someone to death.

Have a better one y'all.


Kali Fontecchio said...

I hope you feel better! Stompin' is fun though! Although it kind of reminds me of moonstompin' which reminds me of skinheads.


I put yer head on my site :)

Weirdo said...

Isn't that the truth? I hope you get to feeling better. That way your heart attack will be postponed for another few years.

Sphyzex_9 said...

Like Ryan Khatam? lol

Vincent Waller said...

No he is just being pathetic.
He is angry at John because John didn't love his drawings when he was 17.
I think John didn't like his attitude more than he didn't like his drawings.

John could not care less than he does about some little prick doing drawings and jabs at him, but instead of attacking John,(Who he is supposedly mad at) Ryan and his pals insist on attacking John's girlfriend too.

John does care about that, as do I, as does anyone that considers themselves a man.

Kali is a good person with a lot of talent, and doesn't deserve to be painted with the shitty brush that
the little man and his brave pals are wielding.

If you have a fight with someone you don't go after their family in a public forum.
That's just cheap and cowardly.

But I don't want give this much more attention as it's pretty obvious that "Getting Noticed" is what this is really about.

The only revelation anyone is going to come away from his site with, is that Ryan Katham is a pathetic little man that thinks its OK to pick on girls.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks Weirdo. I'm much better today.

Kenny P. said...

Good ol' stompin'. As long as the world ends up a better place for it, I say stomp away!

Anonymous said...

I think that comic is just about John.K's behaviour and not really about anyone else.How come you're getting so mad about it?

Vincent Waller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vincent Waller said...

That's part of the problem with having a discussion online.
Everyone assumes your screaming.
My comment about "some days"
had nothing to do with the comic.

If you think the comic is only
about John, then you really haven't read it, or the follow up comments on his blog.

This is all the ink space I'm going to give this discussion, as people looking, people talking, is what Ryan is hoping for.

It will bite him on the ass though.
Employers and financiers will think twice when they realize that he does not settle his disagreements in person,
but instead Ryan Katham will attack you and your family with slanderous and libelous attacks in a one sided public forum.

Anonymous said...

Ok,im glad youre sensible enough to keep cool. I hope your friend finds his dog Hambone.

Vincent Waller said...

Yeah thanks CL, I hope that story has a happy ending.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

What's with people picking on Kali? I had to defend her at cartoonbrew, because people were knocking her for getting to do commentaries for Popeye and Looney Tunes with John and Eddie.

Three cheers for Awesome Kali and Big Brother Vincent!

The drawing's awesome, too! Hope the days that have passed since this post have been better!

- trevor.

PCUnfunny said...

At first I thought Ryan was just doing a little harmless fun. Now I see he's just a big baby being offended by petty insults.

Vincent Waller said...

Hey Trevor, Things are much better now. Thanks Man

You know I don't know anyone, especially in the cartoonists community that aren't
(And this most certainly includes me)from time to time big mouth assholes.
We say things (especially with a few drinks in us)that we might find funny at the time, that hurt people, god knows I have.

And I've had people say shitty things about me. But when it happens, I make sure my response is directed only at the person responsible.

He keeps harping that this comic is the only issue. But anyone who bothers to scan his archive sees post after post attacking John and including Kali.

There is no way he can paint that as anything other than low rent, cheap, and cowardly.

He could do mean drawings of John all day long and I don't think John would give a rats ass.
But attacking his girl? Well I just think R is shooting himself in the foot.
No one is going to work with someone that settles their problems by attacking peoples families in public forums.

Enough about that.
Its Saturday lets go out enjoy the sunn,,,e uh, drizzly weather! Yay!

Vincent Waller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vincent Waller said...

One last thing.

If he took down the all posts that rip on Kali, I for one would be out of his hair.

He could start an entirely new series of why he hates John posts, and as long as he keeps the content non-actionable. He'll be sitting pretty in his little soup of hatred.

Of course that still won't help with his future employers and what not, but least he'll seem less pathetic.