Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does All Comedy End in Hate

Two of my all time comedy heroes Eric Idle and John cleese are fighting, and using public forums to grouse at each other.
It's a goddamn shame. Speaking as someone who has been drawn into the same kind of silliness in the past, I just wish people would pick up a fucking phone and yell at each other instead of muddying the comedy gifts, and joy that they have shared with us all.
The battle of words over the fate of Ren & Stimpy so soured the memory of the show, that anytime some posts anything about the show, the stupid stupid battle starts all over again. It's sad that entertainment gets corrupted over money, and egos to the point that it robs the joy of the original project from it's fans.
It makes me want to do this.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

4 fer

Was pleased to get to hang with Mr.Borgnine, Mr. Conway, Ms.Lawrence, and Mr,Joles this afternoon to watch them all do voice magic.

After spending some time talking to Mr.Borgnine I ran back to my office and drew him while he was still fresh in my head.

Subject Change

Never send a newbie out into the woods to fetch the christmas tree.

Thay sent me out with my girl friend Camell's little brother. We spotted the perfect tree perched atop a 60 ft tree. Niether of us had the good sense to to go to one that wasn't 100 years old.

Another StevMartin tweet inspired drawing

According to Phillip K Dick, Advertisers in hell (notice I didn't say the ones that are going to hell, because well, they're all going.)are doomed to have assholes for mouths and to spray feces every time they try to speak.