Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does All Comedy End in Hate

Two of my all time comedy heroes Eric Idle and John cleese are fighting, and using public forums to grouse at each other.
It's a goddamn shame. Speaking as someone who has been drawn into the same kind of silliness in the past, I just wish people would pick up a fucking phone and yell at each other instead of muddying the comedy gifts, and joy that they have shared with us all.
The battle of words over the fate of Ren & Stimpy so soured the memory of the show, that anytime some posts anything about the show, the stupid stupid battle starts all over again. It's sad that entertainment gets corrupted over money, and egos to the point that it robs the joy of the original project from it's fans.
It makes me want to do this.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

4 fer

Was pleased to get to hang with Mr.Borgnine, Mr. Conway, Ms.Lawrence, and Mr,Joles this afternoon to watch them all do voice magic.

After spending some time talking to Mr.Borgnine I ran back to my office and drew him while he was still fresh in my head.

Subject Change

Never send a newbie out into the woods to fetch the christmas tree.

Thay sent me out with my girl friend Camell's little brother. We spotted the perfect tree perched atop a 60 ft tree. Niether of us had the good sense to to go to one that wasn't 100 years old.

Another StevMartin tweet inspired drawing

According to Phillip K Dick, Advertisers in hell (notice I didn't say the ones that are going to hell, because well, they're all going.)are doomed to have assholes for mouths and to spray feces every time they try to speak.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 03, 2011

It's Hard To Tweet

It's hard to write a funny tweet when your dog is holding a gun on you. Yet, that is exactly what is happening.

Monday, October 31, 2011

An Open Mind

Is a terrible thing to waste.

Rum Diary Doodle

Enjoyed the film. Now I need to go back and re-read the book, to see a couple of historical tidbits were added in the rewrite.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Moby Dick

Watched on line a lovely lecture on Herman Melville and Moby Dick.
While listening I did a sketch of Dr. White.

I wish more Literature Professors would give online theory sessions.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A good immune System is Important

Doing some squigglemation on FlipBoomDraw App for the Ipad.
it's weird drawing with your finger, but still fun to move stuff around.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Katy Tale

My friend Katy regaled me with 1. A story of a man she saw fucking a Twinkie and 2. She knew of a fat fellow that liked to wear nude colored panty hose.
So naturally I pictured the moment these two met.

And a random meeting doodle

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Check it Mike Holmes Has Illustrated my in Plane Ghost Story

He is also asking for more cool ghost stories. If you have any send them to him.

Well done Mike, it was like you were there. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

How I Spent My Weekend

Friday Night went to see Garfunkle and Oates at Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre
Check out there videos at :

Then we downtown to help support OccupyLA

This slogan I lifted

This one is my main issue

Saturday night I went to see Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

A super silly fun film that I highly recommend. Also it is chock a block full of over the top violence, so if you are squeamish, it may be too much.

Then Sunday went to see a puppet show, that my friend Doug Tiano built some fine puppets for the show.
lots o fun!

Followed by a lovely evening at home
and an early morning screening of Breaking Bad's season fianle.

I knew I had to see it or risk having some surprise blown by talk at work.
Hope everyone had more fun than me, as I had a wonderful time!

Todays Doodles

Pattonoswald's daughter said to him Don't be mean to dinosaurs. So I sent this via tweet to thank her for being protective of them.
This was a meeting doodle that I cleaned up and added a BG.

This was the morning warm up. It's always how I feel on Monday mornings.

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Feet For Sale

Back In the 80s in NYC, Bob Camp called my attention to man selling a pair of human feet. They were in a very nice box, and he was only asking $75.00. Sadly neither of us had that kind of scratch at the time.

Sometimes I really miss the city, where people bring their weirdness to the streets.

In LA you're usually strapped to wall in a basement by the time you figure out someone wasn't, what you expected.

Inspired by a Craig Tweety.

He was pointing out that until his beautiful female guest arrived he and Andy Rooney were the hottest mamacitas at CBS. How could I not?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rex Tossing Bricks

Too Big For Show Business

Chris from was complaining the about a funny fat actor loosing weight...and this popped out.
If you haven't checked your cheating yourself out of funny.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A day at the Beach with Robert Blake.

A short Story by Katy Odell Radcliffe:

I never see celebrities when I’m out and about. I either don’t recognize them or I’m just oblivious to them, and if someone doesn’t tell me who just walked past, I’ll never know. I once had a conversation about the difference between g-strings and thongs with some woman in a valet parking queue and I didn’t know I’d been talking to Patricia Arquette until my friend told me, later.

Some years ago, I went on a first date with a man named Vincent. First, we walked along the Venice Beach boardwalk, where I found a hundred-dollar bill on the ground. That seemed a good omen for the day ahead. Then, we went to Malibu, and had lunch at a taco stand by the beach. I went up to get some condiments at the window and when I got back to our table, Vincent told me “That guy next to you in line, who was checking you out, was David Spade.” As you probably know, David Spade looks exactly like himself, so I don’t know why I didn’t notice him until he was pointed out to me. I thought this was terribly exciting, although Vincent probably made up the part about him checking me out. Vincent was a real gentleman in that respect.

We walked onto the sand, where we sat on a towel and drank mimosas Vincent had brought in a cooler. I’m afraid of water, so sitting and people-watching is about all I’ll do at the beach. I was feeling pretty flush with found money and flattery, and generally feeling like I was having the best day of my life.

Then, I noticed this older guy walking up and down the beach. He wasn’t a remarkable looking man in terms of physiognomy, but he caught my eye because there was just something odd about him. He was pacing up and down the beach in this very self-conscious way that simply seemed weird, and I marvelled at him. When he was passing by us for a third time, about thirty feet away from us, I remarked to Vincent, “Look at that man. He looks like he jacks off in the mirror!” I said this in a fairly subdued conversational tone, so I was surprised when Vincent murmered, “That’s Robert Blake, and he heard you.”

“How can he have heard me? We’re at a noisy beach and he’s not that close.”

“Because he’s insane, and crazy people hear everything. I saw him flinch.”

As we watched him walk away Vincent told me a bunch of stuff about the crazy things Robert Blake was known to have done. I think there was something about running down Hollywood Boulevard in a dress, or naked, or something, but I can’t remember now. At any rate, I wasn’t convinced that Vincent was right about Robert Blake having heard me, as it just didn’t seem possible.

A couple of minutes later, Robert Blake came back towards us, and this time he had this sort of tight smile on his face. I became very absorbed in brushing the sand off my feet.

When he got to us, he turned and walked around us, keeping a distance of about 20 feet. When I got the nerve to look over my shoulder, he was circling around behind us, looking straight at me, smiling or grimacing at me.

He circled us repeatedly, never taking his eyes off of me, still smiling that angry little smile. I didn’t exactly feel scared of him, but I was definitely creeped out and afraid that he was going to actually confront me on my comment about his masturbatory habits. I didn’t know what I would say if he did, because I was becoming more and more certain that he *did* jack off in the mirror.

He didn’t say anything, though. After about three laps, he seemed satisfied that he’d made his point, and walked off down the beach.

The rest of the date was fantastic and the Robert Blake incident later came to seem like just another fun part of a really romantic day. I eventually forgot all about it. But, several years later, when he was arrested for the murder of his wife, I didn’t have any doubts that he was guilty.

Vincent's PS:The story is true, but I feel I need to throw in that I have been a fan of Robert Blake and his work since I was a kid. The reason I knew his crazy back stories was that Robert Blake told me and the rest of America in multiple candid and honest interviews on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Louis CK the Season is Over....I'll Wait

One of many great moments in this seasons episodes.
Completely unrelated to the plot of the episode.
he looks out the window as a van pulls up. Guys jump out grab a homeless man, and toss him in the back of the van. As two other guys take out a replacement homeless man from the van and place him on the street. then they speed away.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pocket Brush Fun.

As hand proves, sometimes it's good to pencil things in first. Whoops

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Honor of New Stuff From Tom Waits on the Horizon

Which Sparked this Morning's Warm Up Drawing

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craig Ferguson and the Boys

i don't remember if I published this drawing before, if so sorry.
My DVR misses my late Late show.

Discovering the Village

This is based on my favorite dad and son story as told by the son not too long after the event.The family had to move and the kid wasn't very happy about it. Then I saw him a week later for his art lesson, and he tells me about he and his dad finding a leprechaun village in the forest behind his new house. His face was lit with excitement. They even found a treasure map of the Leprechaun King.
I don't know if the dad went out and built this little village, or if he had it built. But wow, what a great idea, that was executed perfectly.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Frank's First Burning Man

As the sun peeked over the horizon Frank had a lot to digest. The least of which was the Fairy in his lap.