Wednesday, December 07, 2011

4 fer

Was pleased to get to hang with Mr.Borgnine, Mr. Conway, Ms.Lawrence, and Mr,Joles this afternoon to watch them all do voice magic.

After spending some time talking to Mr.Borgnine I ran back to my office and drew him while he was still fresh in my head.

Subject Change

Never send a newbie out into the woods to fetch the christmas tree.

Thay sent me out with my girl friend Camell's little brother. We spotted the perfect tree perched atop a 60 ft tree. Niether of us had the good sense to to go to one that wasn't 100 years old.

Another StevMartin tweet inspired drawing

According to Phillip K Dick, Advertisers in hell (notice I didn't say the ones that are going to hell, because well, they're all going.)are doomed to have assholes for mouths and to spray feces every time they try to speak.


Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas, Vincent! Keep up with the drawings. Love the thin lines on these latest ones. A bit more streamlined, but still funny and delightful to look at. Could you believe 2012 is already almost here? We really are living in the future now...

john horse said...

re: assholes for mouths and to spray feces every time they try to speak

When I read that description I started picturing Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. Only what came out was diarrhea.