Thursday, August 18, 2011

Discovering the Village

This is based on my favorite dad and son story as told by the son not too long after the event.The family had to move and the kid wasn't very happy about it. Then I saw him a week later for his art lesson, and he tells me about he and his dad finding a leprechaun village in the forest behind his new house. His face was lit with excitement. They even found a treasure map of the Leprechaun King.
I don't know if the dad went out and built this little village, or if he had it built. But wow, what a great idea, that was executed perfectly.


Jesse said...

I Love the line variations.... it makes it real

Damiano D said...

Haha! Sounds amazing! I love the angle in this image, looks like it's the pair are on the verge of excitement!

Steven M. said...

Now they must find the Pot O'Gold.