Monday, January 15, 2007


Is there such a thing as a nice Laundromat? I don't think so. Oh sure they've had some upgrades since my last visit. A television enclosed in the wall, with a scratched spit covered Plexiglas shield. This is a plus. It seems to keep the wackos at least partially distracted from the higher functioning who are just trying to get through the arduous and oh so human task of washing the dead skin cells from their daily attire. But other than that, Laundromats are the same decrepit bung holes that they have been since I was a child. There are too many similarities between the interiors of Laundromats and the interiors of jails. The only difference being, that when your done washing and drying you can without permission escape the Laundromat and go to warm comfortable place where you are 97% less likely to get shanked for no reason other than you blocked someones view of the Plexiglas spit covered television.

When I was a kid I distracted myself from the misery my mom was having to endure by going out side and staring at the false leg of the the man who ran the joint. The damn thing looked like he had whittled it himself, a squared off open sided box, with a little striped pillow to cushion his stump from the hard reality of the wood that reached down to the floor for him. Or I could climb behind the wheel of my mom's car, a 57 Plymouth. That was hours of fun. All car interiors used to look like rocket ship control panels. A four year old could have a serious adventure just pretending to fly that thing mars. Unless like myself he managed to get gear shift lever in to neutral sending all five thousand pounds of car careening backwards down the steep parking lot, across the busy street, and into the lawn of the apartment building across the street. That landed me barred from the car, and staring at the old coots leg again.
So all that said, does anyone know of a truly nice Laundromat in the Valley? My machine is going to be down for at least another week.


ryan said...

funnily worded post. that car mishap sounded scary as hell

Vincent Waller said...

Yes , sometimes I am a pain to read.
Yeah it was scary.My first rollercoaster ride of sorts. Luckily no one was crushed

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

LOL! That was great! I don't know of a better laundramat. I'll bet even the ones in Beverly Hills are pretty much like the one you described.

Kenny P. said...

I'd say you could do laundry at my house, but it seems the machine is constantly in use!
You can still stare at my leg, though.

Jorge Garrido said...

When I lived in Toronto on St. Clair W we'd go to the laundromat and I'd love it because they had arcade games!

J.G. Orrantia said...

You write funny. I laughed. I an happy again