Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pete Patrick P.I.

If you haven't seen any of the cartoons I did with Oh Yeah Cartoons go over to Frederator and check out Pete Patrick Private I.
Click on the big red phone. My short plays right after a music video by Brad Cayford, and Copernicus Studios for The Jimmy Swift Band.


ryan said...

hahaha, not bad

the parts where...

1) the cat pushed his tongue back into his mouth

2) the cat jammed himself through the mail slot

3) "lunch" lowered back into his bag after giving the beating

...were all fucking awesome

Was this a pilot for a kids show idea? was it targeted for a specific network? i'm wondering because as crazy as some of the drawings got, it seemed like you were having to hold back & not get super wild as if you had to keep in mind that you were making it for a specific demographic. also, i'm unfamiliar with Oh Yeah cartoons & Frederator (in case some of my questions seem retarded)

PS thanks for posting it here. i would have never even heard about it otherwise

Kenny P. said...

'Twas awesome, sir. I especially liked the tongue part,too.

Trevour said...

Vincent - this was really great! I totally missed out on the whole Oh Yeah! cartoons thing - I see yours was part of its first season back in '98-99.

I especially loved the animations of the dog hopping all over the place. And the Peter Lorre-like character in Persian Puss.

Thanks for sharing this! Just like Ryan said above, I would've never known about this either.

Trevour said...

I just made another observation - is Persian Puss inspired by Morocco Mole?

MickFred said...

It was very lovelly and I liked it a great many.

Vincent Waller said...

Ryan, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes I was holding back a bit, I didn't want to scare anyone on my first run out of the gate.
The sound isn't great on the on-line version, but Persian Puss wasn't actually shoving himself through the mail slot. If you listen very closely, you can hear Pete taking a running start and smashing into Puss over and over again.

Kenny likes tongues.Thanks Kenny.

Trevour, I'm glad you liked it. It looked for a while like Nickelodeon was going use that dog (Slap T. Pooch was his name.) as their mascot. They bought the rights to him, and can use him forever and ever if they choose. In the process they dropped a very nice pile of cash in my lap and Bill Burnett's lap for that matter, since I designed Slap for the cartoon that we worked on together.
You can see Slap in his own cartoon that I co-created with Bill Burnett at.

As for Persian Puss, yes Morocco Mole And Peter Lorre were the inspirations that lead me to him.
Like Peter Lorre, Persian Puss had a wonderfully lecherous side that didn't make it into the finale cut in P.P.P.I. Watching it again I really miss Persian Puss hitting on the woman with the lost dog. I felt like a lot of humor hit the floor to make room for the mom angle that was injected into the story. There was a hallway "whos behind the doors sequence" that I thought was hilarious. It even had a cameo appearance of Ren and Stimpy.
But it was a blast to work on, and I had a lot of help from some amazing talents. Bob Jacques, both doing some sheet timing, and teaching me his theories on sheet timing.
I had one of RoughDraft Korea's best Directors JYM. If he works on your cartoon you will be a happy camper. Mark Colangelo taking my rough designs and making them pretty.
Danny Mann as Dr. Dont, Billy West as Persian Puss, and Pam Segal as Pete.
Okay Im done rambling.

Trevour said...

That Slap T. Pooch cartoon was AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS! I had to watch it twice in a row!

And thanks for all that background info. on the P.P.P.I. cartoon. I love learning about who worked on what and how the stuff gets made. I've been a fan of yours for years and it's great you have this blog. I'm trying to make my own cartoons but it's kind of slow and I'm not living in LA, so it's kind of been D.I.Y. for me. :-)

katzenjammer studios said...

Yeah, seriously. Thanks for posting! I hope you're pitching show ideas, because we really need a Waller show on the air.

I like how you put Slap T Pooch in this cartoon. I think it's a cool idea to have characters cross into each other's worlds. I'm stealing it!

Anonymous said...

Vince, did you have anything to do with the Nickelodeon Movies logo animation of the dog and the rubber ball?

If not, they ripped Slap T. Pooch off and you should get litigious on their candy asses.

Vincent Waller said...
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Vincent Waller said...

Hey Jorge,
No. like I said in my earlier post. They bought him outright to use as a Mascot for Nick. I don't know if he didn't test well, or what the reason was that they decided not to use him.
But no, they paid me for him.
Hopefully one day they'll put him to use again.
Just saw 300. It was a ton of fun.If only I could figure out how to give myself CG abs.
Eddie Fitzgerald first turn me on to the odd culture of Sparta. Great stories.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

It was great to see this film again! It's packed with ideas and funny situations. The world needs more of these!

ryan said...

That Slap T. Pooch cartoon was AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS! I had to watch it twice in a row!

can anybody link me to the Slap T. Pooch animation? i'm having trouble finding it..

Trevour said...

Ryan, here's the direct link to it, but I see it's not loading properly. I hope didn't pull it! I wanna watch it again!

ryan said...

hahahah that was different, loved the ending with the bacon pig. thanks for the link trevour!

Mr. Semaj said...

It looked for a while like Nickelodeon was going use that dog (Slap T. Pooch was his name.) as their mascot. They bought the rights to him, and can use him forever and ever if they choose.

The dog probably would've fared better if they let him host some of their newer Nick programs. But either Nick had more faith in KaBLaM's Henry and June, or they simply couldn't answer the dog's eternal question. ;)

david gemmill said...

nice work on this.

Sam! said...

Great stuff there Vincent! It be great if you had your own cartoon show to air new stuff every week.

Anonymous said...

i remember this!!! i actually saw it on nick, i believe. i loved Persian Puss! good stuff!

on a side note: you want some badass Spartan abs, look up "the 300 workout" in google. it looks killer.