Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Does a Creative Director Do?

I realized I hadn't really answered the question. So here is the straight answer.

I work closely with the Executive Producer(Paul Tibbitt) supporting him and assisting him as needed in writing meetings, animatic editing, retakes, recording, storyboarding, character and prop design, as well as supervising all aspects production.

I hope this answers what this Creative Director's duties include.

Well, to answer a question that so many of you have wondered. Today I was asked to draw a caricature of Mr.Tom Kenny (Voice of SpongeBob).

First attempt is just feeling out the shapes of his head. This can be tough especially if you only have publicity photos to work from. Which all tend to be from the same angle. (Boring)

Starting to get a grasp on what points I want to accentuate.

A little pushing a pulling, but still being held back by the photos.

Then I toss the photos up under my desk and work from memory .
The on above is the one I turned in.
A Dead line is a deadline.
I would have liked to explore a little more as I was just starting to get a feel for Tom's face.


Kali Fontecchio said...

This is great! Thanks for showing your process.

Sorry to hear (read, haha) about the single thing. But now I can maybe see you at weekend curmudgeon gatherings with John, Eddie, and Mike!

Matt Tamaru said...

Its amazing what the freedom from literal translation leads to. He really comes alive and actually looks a LOT more like him when you draw him from memory.


Marc Deckter said...

Thanks for showing the steps - it's really interesting to see what happens when you take the photo away and just work from memory.

Weirdo said...

Awesome caricatures. I would like to know what you do as a "Creative Director". I've never heard of that title, but I see you and Derek Drymon with it on every Spongebob cartoon I watch. Please enlighten us, and keep drawing.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Funny drawings! My favorite is the one on top!

Kenny P. said...

I knew who it was right away, and then with each subsequent drawing it looked more and more like him. Drawing is COOL.
So is Allan's Tiki Bar!

Jose said...

hahaha! yes. these are great. hilarious lookin. these come in handy too, since i've been re-watching mr show recently. very timely.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

That top picture is great!