Thursday, January 15, 2009



ArtF said...

that cat on the bottom is the greatest.

Kali Fontecchio said...

One finger hands are awesome!!!!!!!

Trevor Thompson said...

A Ray Bolger-like hippie contemplates birthday parties, a tubby man goes hunting for better fitting shorts, a beaver balances a small intestine on a stick from his tootheses, and a uni-fingered SpongeBob-employed stunt double loses clothing whilst blowing bubbles.

It's fun in your head, innit?

- trevor.

Howsimplylovely said...

Hello again,
I love the beaver!
Adorable face and yet... the small intestine. hilarious.

So, I read a press release about a rumor of a fall '09 SpongeBob TV special that is supposed to be "Seinfeld-esque" and revealing. I discovered a book by Erica David with the same story line. Is that the book that it's based on? If so, it sounds good. :)

kris.w said...

lol.. that beaver kicks all of the ass!

hey Vince, maybe you'd be interested in this blog i started up a couple weeks ago. trying to start up a fresh animation/entertainment art community. it'd be awesome if you could make a contribution sometime. especially with pieces like this one. i think this may be RIGHT up your ally.


Trevor Thompson said...

You watching Obama's swearing in? It's on MSNBC right now.

- trevor.

Frank Forte said...

great sketches man!!!