Monday, February 09, 2009

Don't Eat Anything You Find on the Sidewalk....No Matter How Good It Looks

It wasn't Easy to pass this up. But then the memory of Richard Pursel singing the lyrics to the Cramps song, gave me pause.
The Cramps may have saved my life this weekend.
Thanks Mr.Lux, you will be missed by so many.


ArtF said...

yummy. yer a Cramps fan? you sir, are a man of discerning taste and i am proud to call you, friend.

Trevor Thompson said...

So, this is unrelated, but I want to put this question out there because a lot of artists read this blog.

I was at the art store last week stocking up on pencils and paper, and I realized I didn't have a pencil sharpener, so I decided to buy one while there.

I grabbed a wireless electric one and the girl looked at me like I had AIDS. She was like, "You wouldn't prefer a mechanical pencil sharpener, they're cheaper and better?"

Is there some prejudice toward electric pencil sharpeners in the artists' community that I'm not aware of?

- trevor.

PS: I totally would've eaten that strawberry. The three second rule is bullshit.

GEoff said...

Thanks for paying due respects to that wonderful man.

On one hand I wish everyone knew about them, but on another I don't want to see Cramps shirts on every other jock and Joe I see who take for granted what he/they did.

Goddamn wasn't/weren't he/they great?

If you haven't seen this yet here's a fantastic interview with Lux and Ivy on WFMU as well as 11 whole goddamned compilations of music that Lux and Ivy based all of their music on which they mentioned in interviews over the years compiled by a group of hardcore fans:

Anyway, thanks more making note. I sorely miss him/them already.

Marlo said...

it was a herpes berry

Anonymous said...

cramps stomp!