Sunday, March 01, 2009

Plane Drawing Flying Back from WonderCon


Julián Höek said...

so cool!

Workhorse said...

this rulz!
really rad for just a plane drawing you did.
what kind of markers do you generally use?
your line work always kind of looks brushed on,
so I dunno what kind of pen yer using.

Vincent Waller said...

Staedler mars graphic 3000 duo.
I love these things.The only drawback is they are VERY water soluble. Subject to smudges and spills.

ArtF said...

damn! your stuff belongs in Metal Hurlant my friend. sweet, sweet stuff!

Jake Thomas said...

I saw you at WonderCon! Did Tom Kenny show you the SpongeBob doodles I gave him?

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks guys,
Art I hope you're having a better week.
Jake he didn't show me the drawings yet, but Ill ask him about them when I see him.
Thanks for coming out.I always feel like just as we are getting warmed up the event is over.

Jake Thomas said...

The event was great, I wish that it would of been longer or if there was more of them held at Wondercon.
You and the others were hilarious.

david gemmill said...

hahaah this is such an awesome character and drawing.