Saturday, May 09, 2009

Drawing in the Dark

I thought I'd do a little drawing while catching up on my Lost, & Dollhouse DVR snags for the week. Drawing with the brush pen. I was having fun but then got a little crazy with the line work and before long clarity had turned to mud.

I need to put a brighter light in my living room lamp.
Happy Saturday Everyone.


Thomas said...

Is he a bounty hunter?

ArtF said...

i'm diggin' that emaciated rat creature.

Trevor Thompson said...

I saw that hair cut on a punk in an old 80's movie. I think it was called Le Vince.

- trevor.

Kenny P. said...

F--- Clarity! Clarity's for WINDOWS!

Vincent Waller said...

Hey Thomas,He hasn't fully developed in my mind yet. So I'm not sure.

Thanks Art, yeah I was tempted to just show that little guy.

Stephen Worth said...

li'l pal?