Monday, August 24, 2009



ArtF said...

no touchy!!!

i like the way his arm extends through into the facing page. i betcha if you open an close the sketchbook, it looks like he's reaching out to touch you with the stinkfinger.

ArtF said...

hey Vincent. it was good seein' ya again and hangin' out yesterday and meetin' Luke. thanks for lunch!

you're one of the good ones, man. talk to you soon.

thomas said...

funny and true...its all about touch.

He looks like a young Charles Bronson - when he was called Charles Buchinski, or something, or other.

Nice Drawing!

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks Art.
Likewise it was great seeing you yesterday.Thanks for coming all the way up here to hang out.
Thanks Thomas. Yeah as i was drawing him I thought, Zombie Chuck Bronson.

jack raffin said...

hahaha!! dig the zombie-charles bronson.

damn i wanna get something like this tattoed on my back, and then like, i'll appear on one of those tattoo shows like LA ink or whatever, and while i'm waiting for the tattoo to be set up there'll be cross cuts of images of surfing or something. then like you'll be a guest star on the show but appear with big hip sunglasses so you totally like a celebrity, but with some distance, you see, and then..


the "slice of life" post is awesome!!

Kenny P. said...


Vincent Waller said...

Jack, I'd love to see what Corey would do with that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick critique, Vincent! I'll get to work on that.

Oh, and this drawing is AWESOME!

chrisallison said...

God, you draw the best hands. Who's hands did you geek out on, Vincent?

It takes a man with huge balls to go straight in with ink and come out with something like this. You cheating with light pencils?

Vincent Waller said...

HEy, thanks Chris. No if there were an under drawing the composition would be at least a little more thought out.

Vincent Waller said...

For me, drawing hands is like shooting pool. Some days I can run the table, and other days I can barely hit the ball.
I only have my own tortured digits to contort and try to draw from.....and with.
The top pick is cut off short of the edge of the book because I mangled the straight razor wielding hand.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on hands. I really can't draw them, even on good days.