Friday, September 25, 2009

Chicken Mama Boy Patty


ArtF said...

i certainly WILL have a hit of what you're having, sir.

it's like your version of Jabberwocky.

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ursula's sister maybe?

Zoran Taylor said...



Vincent Waller said...

It's a sorted story, that of Chicken Mama Boy Patty, Ollie and the chickens.
Ollie was left on Chicken Mama Boy Patty's door step.
Ollie would have frozen to death on that door step,in the cold winter air. Had it not been for the chickens deciding that his basket was nice warm place to spend the night. In the morning Ollie was surround with eight freshly laid eggs. Even though there were only three chickens sitting atop him.
Chicken Mama Boy Patty took this as a good sign, and rather than throwing what he felt was someone else's problem in the river(Like Chicken Mama had done with the other three foundlings) he decided to hang on to this one and raise it as he saw fit. To bend it to his way of thinking. A tall one that he could make to feel small. He would rule something besides the chickens for a change.
Old yellow tail had other plans for the boy, but she kept forgetting what they were. She was a chicken after all, and couldn't be counted on for linear thought retention.

thomas said...

Wow - what a cruel twist of fate!

I like the space in the drawing. Even though there's not much delineating it besides the window frame Ollie's looking through, there's a interesting spatial tension. You're looking up at Ollie and C.M.B.P. is down below there somewhere.

I'm imagining Ollie to have the voice of Henry Fonda.

Vincent Waller said...

He does have the Grapes of Wrath look about him.

Sean Wiig said...

You draw cool hands.