Saturday, April 17, 2010

Homie and His Dragon + a dancing chimp

Okay, dancing chimp later. Scanner is acting up
Happy Saturday Everybody!

Okay we'll have to settle for photo rather than a scan


Anonymous said...

That napkin doodle kinda reminds me of "How to Train your Dragon" for some reason. Have you seen it? I bet you would have made an amazing character designer for a few of the dragons on that movie.

And awwww man, no dancing chimp. I hope your scanner gets fixed. :(

RooniMan said...

I take it you've seen "How to Train Your Dragon."

Monkeys are always a plus.

K. Nacht said...

Any room for modestly priced brush-pen-sketch commissions?

(A moth flew from my wallet as I made my ply, but hopes it will soon be full again!)

Vincent Waller said...

I have seen HTTYD, and that may have influenced on turning up here. Mostly it was the expectation that I would leave them a place mat drawing.
I had a couple of false starts, then this fellow climbed out of his car, and the dragon just fell in behind him.
KNacht, nothing for sale right now.
I'll let you know if that changes.

Oisin O'Sullivan said...

That monkey is cool. I like your style, Mr. Waller.

K. Nacht said...

S'ok, probably couldn't give you what you deserve for it, anyhoo.