Monday, June 27, 2011

An Idiot Abroad

I had a hard time watching The Ricky Gervais Show. I truly felt bad for their buddy Carl who spends the entire of each episode being flogged mercilessly by his pals. But Idiot Abroad which is basically the same concept is for me very enjoyable.


Damiano D said...

I've been meaning to listen to that podcast, always forget to. If you like Podcasts I'd recommend 'Mike and Tom Eat Snacks', very funny stuff. As for the drawing, I love it. How do you master so many different styles!?

Steven M. said...

I love the Rick Gervias Show, and I really want to watch An Idiot Abroad.

Great drawing BTW.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Love the drawing of Karl Pilkington. Great week for drawing for sure.