Thursday, February 02, 2012

Dear Showtime We need more Episodes of Paul Provenza's Green Room


Leanne McNeil said...

YEAH!! LOVE IT! This show is the best thing. Thanks for making this cartoon. It needs to be a billboard outside Showtime's offices!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the Green Room. Don't even know if my cable provider has Showtime on its lineup. Sounds like a great comedians' show though, which I might check out, but don't know where to start!

Maggie said...


Vincent Waller said...

Roberto I did a quick check. If you have access to they are available to watch.
It's basically 5 or 6 comedians sitting around having drinks and talking about their lives and processes of mining the funny, in front of a small live audience.
Leanne, thanks I agree.
Mr Provenza was kind enough to post a link on twitter.
I kept trying to post it yesterday and kept screwing up. Too big, too smal, oops forgot to put a space between @SHO_Network and the first word of my post thereby rendering it useless tand invisible to anyone that isn't following me.
Maggie thank you.

Leanne McNeil said...

I've also found full episodes on YouTube! SO funny, insightful amazing. And this cartoon NAILS the lack of artistry Showtime has come to not recognize as of late. Boo - cable channels were supposed to be a place for interesting programming; not become network clones.