Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In response to Andy's tweet. 

At doctors for son's pink eye. Toy options in waiting room: binoculars, microscope and periscope


Anonymous said...

Vince, I noticed that you haven't been approving comments lately. Is there anything wrong or did something bad happen?

Tonight's Louie was probably my all time favorite episode because of the fake hacky radio voices that Opie Hughes, Anthony Cumia, and Jim Norton did when Louis was talking to the Kansas radio show on the phone and the appearances of Robin Williams, JB Smoove, and Artie Lange too! That was probably the most special guests the show has ever had, making it special in my eyes. Sorry to spoil part of the show for you, but I was just so happy because I'm a huge O&A fan.

Dave Fontana said...

Petri dish pink eye.