Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doodle at Lunch


                                         Pardon the fuzziness, it's about 3'x3' so too big to scan.


Ronan McDermott said...

Nice drawing. I really like the hands, I think they are drawn great.

Roberto Severino said...

That's the most delightfully grotesque pretty boy that I've ever seen. Rough and edgy like Marc Maron on that new IFC show he has out. Finally jumped onto the Netflix and Hulu Plus bandwagon so I can actually stop being so television illiterate. FX seems to be leading the way for some of the best content on television today whether it's Sons of Anarchy or Louie or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I can't wait for the Arrested Development reboot for Netflix.

Started a new blog, BTW.


My old one had served its purpose and I'm very grateful for what you and John and others did with the drawing tips that you gave me and I wanted to show you how I'm doing now. I just wish I could afford better materials, but much of my money is going towards other important stuff.