Monday, May 14, 2007

Big Baby Scam

As I recall, minus the establishing shot and truck in on the tree, this is the way we started Big Baby Scam

Pan over gnawed tree branch to Stimpy.

Adjust over with Stimpy's head turn. He presents Ren with a freshly chewed pile of tree bark.

Ren tries to swallow the puply goodness.

But his sensitive digestion rejects it


WIL said...

Big Baby Scam was always one of my favorites. Thanks for posting this stuff.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Wow! Really funny boards and it was great to see what's on your wall! You're obviously a man of culture and refinement!

Jim Smith said...

So glad you saved there for posterior, I mean posterity. I don't care what Eddie says your ok in my book. Don't you love to comments deleted? Wonder what in hell they said. Probably just typos but I like to think they were inflammatory. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Vincent, I don't care what Eddie and Jim say, these are great drawings.

Vincent Waller said...

Hey Wil, your little feller is getting handsomer very day. That boy is gonna break some hearts.

Eddie Thank you and thank you for the inspiration to share what is on my walls.

Jim, yeah the mold had almost eaten'em up.
thanks for popping by my humble site. Your is a daily insiprational type thingy m'bob.

Steve, I'll be glad to stop off anything you like for scanning.
I'm still working on your Bday drawing sorry I missed the party.
Jorge, always thanks for stopping by.

Vincent Waller said...

One day I'll learn to proof read before I post things.

david gemmill said...

these are great

Kenny P. said...

It's an honor to park my carcass next to yours.

James Sugrue said...

Nice. Love seeing behind the scenes Ren and Stimpy Drawings