Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On My Walls

This is a post in response to Uncle Eddie's query as what is on our walls.

The first piece is one of several I bought at the Librafest auction when I was stinking drunk.
If you look closely you can read the peacocks reaction to seeing the wicked witch flying across his garden. If you can't make it out it's"Goddamn Motherfucker"

The next one is a photo of a mexican mummy taken by my long time good friend CarolAnn Hawkins

This one is a drawing by my Step-daughter Savanna Sammi Sunflower.

This is one of my layouts from a Spumco Nike commercial. I don't think it ever saw air.

The title card for Onward and Upward drawn by me and wonderfully painted by Kristy Gordon


Kali Fontecchio said...

Beautiful paintings and drawings and everything!!!!!!

Kenny P. said...

Who's the naked guy with the camera in the reflections on the glass?

Tee Hee...Made ya look!

Jenny said...

Keen art there, beautiful!