Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mexican Vacation

Wow Steve, you must have an excellant browser to be able to zoom into that window and see, that I did indeed draw Olive Oyl dancing in spitoons!
Good eyes my friend. Good eyes!

No one should worry about lil[Olive's predickameent though, because Popeye is running up from the beach as we speak.


Gabriel said...

haha, cool head shape.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks Gabriel,
I was doodling during a writing meeting.
A side note. There is a barber in NY that has a hand like our pal here.

ryan said...

looks like hes enjoying himself

Vincent Waller said...

Yes, a gin martini and swarthy lass in all he needs to be happy.

Stephen Worth said...

I think I can see Olive Oyl dancing with spitoons on her feet through the window of that cantina back there!

your pal

Marc Deckter said...

One of my favorite Olive Oyl moments.