Thursday, September 20, 2007

Okay, more burning man!

Decisions, decisions.

Stevie on Inspiration Island

At Center Camp.
If you wanna buy a coffee or tea thisis the place.
It's also the center hub for many activities.

This poor little fairy appeared to be lost, but I'm sure she found her way

The Playa info center, very helpful when you are trying to figure out what you should do or see next.

Stevie and I in Unga Bunga Camp

This was a wedding party. We just missed the ceremony, but that didn't stop the groom from sharing a shot of oh so smooth Patron Silver with us.
This was their 11th Burning Man.

How many people get to have a Monarch Butterfly as their wedding photographer?

This was a functioning piece of art. At night it was a burn barrell to warm yourself by.

A lovely lady on a bar. Note the traveling bed to the left. I witnessed a little traveling hanky type panky on that vehicle.

Look an idiot in a skirt!

I know I already published tis art car but it was my favorite as far as being whimsical, so I thought I'd put a larger version up for your viewing pleasure.

Shoes of Servicemen and women that were killed in Iraq
And Right next door

This guy was one of my favorite scupltures on the Playa

Underneath the Money Tree.

Another beautiful Sunset on the Playa

Look there is even a drive in movie on the Playa.


The sculptures were huge, amazing, and at night they spit flames thirty feet into the air.

Yes those are people on top of the oil derrick.
Just to give you some scale on this piece.

Before and after the Derrick burn.

The Sculpture "Crude Awakenings" After the Oil Derrick was burned.

The Temple OF Forgiveness

On the evening of the 6th day there was the Temple Burn

Black Rock City as seen from the Playa.

Like two scorpians fighting in the hot desrt sun.

This scupture had a camera in it's nose and I believe an audio recorder. I'd love to see what it captured.

If you want Ice at Burning Man you need to go to the Artic to obtain it.
Ice, Coffee, and tea are the only things for sale at Burning Man.

More great art cars.

Another example of how quickly things can change at Burning Man.
Bright Sunny day turns into a white out in less than five minutes.

Our Camp Mayor Lenny Jones braves the scaffolding to get pictures of the white out.

The Billion Bunny March Begins!
Long Ears Good! Short Ears Bad!
Other than @ Thunder Dome the only aggression at Burning Man seems to be between the Bunnies and the Carrots.
With some slight tensions between the bunnies and animal control officers.
The control officers are obsessed with inoculating and occasionally humping the helpless bunnies.
Luckily the inoculations consist of a red vodka concoction, and the humping is mostly a little harmless frottage.

The Bunnies took over the ThunderDome for a short while.

My Sweet Victorious Bunny brandishing her lightsaber.

Have you ever wanted to get strapped to giant elastic bands hanging from the top a geodesic dome, be armed with a fairly hefty foam bat and beat the whey out of a similarly outfitted opponent, while thousands cheer you on? Well then get your ass to Thunder Dome! Where the rules are outlined below.

Not for the faint of heart. That injuy sign is no joke. Flying head first at your opponent can lead to serious coconut busting.


Kenny P. said...

Thanks for bringing a bit o' Burning Man back for the rest of us. It looks like fun.

Have you tried Knudsen's "Frottage Cheese?"

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Unbelievable! These pictures would make a great book! I can't believe that anyone else captured this event as well!

Vincent Waller said...

Eddie you are very kind.
I'm glad you enjoyed them and again feel free to lift any shots you need for your uses.
Kenny it was my pleasure.

Helgatron said...

Wow!! ALL of those pictures were amazing!!! Non-stop sensory overload!

Anonymous said...

So is the Burning Man like a giant party with mobile sculptures?

Vincent Waller said...
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Vincent Waller said...

Cartoon Lad,
Not partying so much as non-stop silliness.
But, If you wanted it to be a 7 day party it certainly could be.
I was surprised at how little actual partying I did there. I barely touched the alchol I brought other than to make a couple of pitchers of margaritas for my camp mates.
A whole lot bicycling, great conversations with happy people and a bunch of dancing.

Sherm said...

Never been, but I feel like I was there. Pretty amazing stuff!