Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Killa Gorilla with a Gun T-Shirts at Cafe Press

Why? Because I'm too busy/lazy to have a silk screen made, and I spilled water on the original this afternoon.
Really It was just because I wanted a shirt with him on it.
Be warned their sizes run big. I Normally wear a large, but I'm a medium in their shirts.

Oh, if you click on the title it'll take you to Cafe Press.
Thanks again for stopping by.


amir avni said...

Great drawing, Mr. Waller!

ryan said...

dude this is TIGHT

Kenny P. said...

I got an error message
Thassa a great drawing, though.

david gemmill said...

this is an awesome drawing!! i really liek the inking, especially in his face and hat area. great work!

Shaun said...

You have awesome gorilla creating abilities. Or is that supposed to be Michael Chiklis?

Anonymous said...

You're a machine! When I get some moneys it's yours.

Vincent Waller said...

Michael Chiklis,is my favorite shaved type Gorilla.
thanks Amir, David, Ryan , and Shaun. I do love drawing primates!
Kenny you still getting an error message?

Marc Deckter said...

Awesome - you should sell those hawaiian luo ties in your cafepress store too.

Vincent Waller said...

Hey Marcm did you ever see one of Lynne Naylor's hand painted ties? Boy was they pretty,

Marc Deckter said...

No I never saw one of the hand painted ties - that's a really cool idea though.