Thursday, October 11, 2007


I didn't have time to write an explanation last night.
Marc he looked like he had just breathed his last so I added the wispy soul rising from his mouth. A side note* In the Philippines they think your soul leaves through your navel. This belief leads to the men to avoid cleaning out their belly buttons.....ever. Causing a sizable hardened plug to form in there. I know this because my friend Hector who did a bit of time there in a medical facility used to pop them out while the poor unsuspecting bastards were in for unrelated surgery. It was quite alarming for them to wake with soul plug removed.

Diego, I drew this just doodling around again. Then noticed this fellow looked like Owen Wilson, so I added the title.
I have nothing against Mr.Wilson, other than him trying to croak himself. It's always a head scratcher when someone that seems to have everything one could want, decides to jump ship early.

Fame can be an ugly business that leaves you in the constant glare of the spotlight. Luckily I'll never have to deal with the kind of fame where everyone on the planet knows who you are as you walk by them. But I've seen it in action. Where everyone within fifty feet of famous person is staring at them. Either waiting to say something to them, proposals, schemes and what not. Or just hoping that the famous person will gaze back at them and declare them worthy and call them into their inner circle if even for a few seconds. It must be incredibly creepy at times to be in the center of that vortex of leeches.

That being said the only thing that would truly make me want to shake off this mortal coil would be living in some semi-veg or crippled state. If someone has to change my diapers... well then...Waiter could I get a triple dose of demerol please? Ahhhh....thank yo..


Marc Deckter said...

One too many smokes, I guess... I like the spirit ghostdude floating out of his mouth.

diego cumplido said...

who's owen?... ummmm, it looks like the actor... but I'm just not sure.

Marc Deckter said...

Interesting tidbit about the Philippino soul plug!

I forgot about that Owen Wilson news - hopefully he gets the help he needs.

Jose said...

oh's all in that nose...