Friday, November 16, 2007

Mix Doodles

Last night I was Supervising the mix on a few up coming SpongeBob shorts, and had some time during the mix down to draw a little.
Paul Tibbitt was there just ahead of me leaving behind his page of doodles. They were very entertaining. After the Sponge has run it's run we'll be lucky if Paul sells a show of his own. Anyway, I suppressed the urge to knab his page drawings and post them, it just wouldn't be right without his okay.
The lucky folks at the Mix studio must have an amazing collection of drawings that people leave behind.

An Anonymous question: Ever notice how cartoonists' doodles often create ugly, demented, contorted faces or maybe normal faces that are in torment, anguish, rage, pain?
Wheres the happy?

Answer: When one spends all day drawing and writing happy go lucky kid friendly drawings, yes sometimes it is cathartic to draw the flip side. That being said most of the cartoonists I know are very happy people. We get paid to draw and if we're lucky to write. Getting paid to do something most of us are compelled to do anyway, how could that cause anything but happiness.


Allyn said...

these are such funny drawings. yep can't wait til i'm paid to do that!

katzenjammer studios said...

holy shit, that's the coolest tongue!

loving all these posts, vincent. you've been posting everyday. i'm tryin to keep up!

diego cumplido said...

doesn't the head-foot-man (with an eye being licked) look like a weird mutation of Ren?

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks Allen, and Chris.
Diego, the slope between his eyes and nose is reminiscent of Ren's.

Marc Deckter said...

"CHECK" hahaha!

That one on the top is one of my favorites you've ever posted. It's like some kind of horror-movie pac-man.

diego cumplido said...
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J. J. Hunsecker said...

Hi Vincent,

I was just wondering, when you draw the more realistic anatomical characters, are they drawn straight from your head out to your brush tip, without any preliminary pencil sketch? (I hope that awkwardly phrased sentence makes sense.) I'm talking about characters like the gorilla you had up a few weeks ago, and the one of the man playing cards (AKA Time Sheet Cop). If so, that frightens me, but it's very impressive! (And you should use permanent ink!)

I like your thick and thin brush strokes and the use of cross-hatching. (One of my favorite techniques, being a fan of 19th century illustration.) Have you ever done illustration work before?

Vincent Waller said...

Hey JJ
The gorilla I blocked in in blue pencil. The card player with the forty five to the back of his head was straight from my brain to the pen.

I'm glad you like them.

I'm looking around trying to figure out how make today's world look as interesting as the world of the 19th and early 20th century.

I did comics and illustrations back in eighties.
I had a lot of help and inspiration from the talented likes of Bob Camp, Larry Hama, Gary Halgren, and Rick Stark. At the time I was living in "The Cartoon Loft" with a bunch of folks from the School of Visual Arts that were also working for Marvel. I learned a quite a bit from watching them.
Unfortunately at that time I thought it was somehow cheating to copy the art of established artists.
I think that put me years behind where I could have been early on.

Kenny P. said...

Look how prolific you've been! You may not know it, but you do indeed rule the earth.

tina kugler said...

anguish is much more fun to draw. but for me it all comes out cute no matter what (and pretty crappy besides). and tell paul to get a blog!!

Vincent Waller said...

Yes Tina, I will pass that along to Mr.Tibbitt.
Great blog yourself by the way.