Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time Sheet Cop

This one was a bit of lunch time fun..for me, not this guy.
Can you tell that I like to draw 45 s?

The same theme

And another study in bad perspective.


ryan said...

i love that you post so many drawings

Anonymous said...

There's some pretty awesome stuff here Vincent! I burn with envy of your brush pen skills-grrrr...

Sean Worsham said...

You drew my character Scare-Horn! (or a good unintentional facsimile) but then again he's like every pumpkin head monster:

Here he is:

Nonetheless unintentional or not I'm happy he's on your blog. :)

Vincent Waller said...

Hey Sean, Nope I had never seen him before, but pumpkin headed creatures have been harassing folk in various forms for ages.