Friday, April 11, 2008

I Try Not To Take Work Home with Me

But sometimes you just can't help it.


Jax said...

Nice drawing of Squid.

Pest of the West was good. But why in "Idiot Friends", did patrick slap Spongebob around.

Has he been learning something?

Anonymous said...


Another good use for a brush pen!

david gemmill said...


Vincent Waller said...

Learning something Jax? What do you mean?

Thanks Art & Dave
Happy Saturday

Jax said...

Well, you are linked to one person's blog...

and you worked on his show...

Ah...can't forget ren, that little jerk.

And you talked to me...Oh my gosh!

Pat McMicheal said...

Squidward Really is my favorite! We are both bitter musicians (sax) and artists! Both Easily annoyed.

I notice a couple things from this photo!
•The nice car (BMW)
•No wedding ring ( which would explain the nice car).

Vincent Waller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vincent Waller said...

Hi Jax,
Like the sound of that, unless I'm flying.

Sorry, its just sometimes cryptic messages are a bit hard to decipher.

You are allowed to mention John K on my blog, you are not required to tip toe around it.

John and I are friends.

As for talking to you, I'll answer any questions, as long as they are on the up and up, and not obviously pointed toward causing a stir.

Not saying yours was trying to do so.

If I don't know you and I can't connect your name with someone in the real world. My answers well be more guarded.

Its a little like sitting on the subway and having someone in a ski mask sit down next to you and begin asking questions.
I don't know if the person in the ski mask is a friend or foe. I don't know if they're there because they're truly interested in the what I am doing, or if they are just there to stir the pot with out caring who gets splashed by the contents.

So when I click on your name and it takes me to dead end, I am less likely to engage with you.

On Pest of the West, other than arguing with Standards and Practices over silly crap like making sure all the bottles behind the bar were clearly milk, and that Patrick can only hit Squidward in the torso with the log in the pillowcase and not in the head, I didn't do much on The Pest of The West.

But to answer the question. As I recall, Patrick slapping SB, was a call back to the moment in Pest of the West when he was trying to slap some sense back into him and got caught up in the moment and kept slapping him.

10:14 AM

Pat McMicheal said...

Oh Crap...Did I get deleted? Vincent, I hope I didn't offend you. All I was saying was the Squidward and myself are alot alike! Grouchy and a little bitter!

Vincent Waller said...

Hi Pat. No no I didn't delete your comment, I just didn't see it this morning. For some unknown reason my yahoo account picks random notifications from my blog and tosses them in my Spam pile.

Your comment was A #1 correct on all counts.