Friday, May 02, 2008

A Quickie

A quickie because I've been too busy to post.


Sean Worsham said...


Anonymous said...

GHAH!!! That is the single most effin' awesome Squidward I have EVER seen!

Marc Deckter said...

great eyes --- all 4 of'em

Weirdo said...

Why is it that every time you draw Spongbob and friends, it always looks cooler than the version on TV?

Jesse Oliver said...

The drawings on Spongebob seem to have gottin' better ever since you started working on the show! :)


david gemmill said...

hahha nice eyelid detailing.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks guys.
Weirdo, because I don't have to draw my silliness on model, and then its not drawn over by three different people. Every generation of redraw loses something, just a bit of the originals spark is dulled.

Jesse that's very nice of you , but really it is because we have a butt load of talented people trying to keep up the quality of the show and push it further where ever they can.

Jesse Oliver said...

Hey Vincent'

I was wondering, Did you also work on the Spongebob Movie?

Cause the movie had some really cool and funny looking drawings. :)

And you're right, Spongebob has great cartoonists working on the show like Aaron Springer, Paul Tibbit and many others.


Pat McMicheal said...

Hey, I saw your name at the beginning of a spongebob episode this weekend, I had no idea you were a bigshot! I thought you were just a whacky artist friend of Kali F.....I followed your the link from her blog.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

You know, it's watching Big Baby Scam and Cried Rat, plus the cartoons you've got on YouTube, that have helped me spot your style in some of the drawings on Harvey Birdman.

I guess once you work for something liberating like Spongey or Spumco, it becomes harder to supress your natural style? Cuz nothing in 'The Real Ghostbusters' says "Hello, I'm Vincent's drawing", ya know?

- trevor.

Vincent Waller said...

No while the movie was going on, I believe I was working on the R&S Adult Cartoon Party.

I was a storyboard revisionist on The Real Ghostbusters, so I would be very surprised if you could tell which scenes I had a hand in.
Or even on things I boarded like Captain Planet
What a Mess
Earthworm Jim
The Chipmunks
The Tick
The Oblongs
And then the ones you might be able to tell
Cow and Chicken
I am Weasel
Billy And MAndy

Jesse Oliver said...

Thats right, I have seen your name in shows like Oblongs, Cow & Chicken, Billy & Mandy and I Am Weasel.

I also think that Bob Jaques directed the "Da Boom" episode of Family Guy.

I'm sorry for what you've been through working on them God awful 1980's cartoons!

I love what you've done for R&S!!!

I mean "Rubber Nipple Salesman", "Big Baby Scam", "Onward & Upward", "Altruists" are all classics!!! :)

Do you have any advice for those who want to become an animator?


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

I wish I could like all of your stuff, which means I'd be the ultimate fan... but how do you do it without killing yourself ( besides the awesome doodles ? )

Billy and Mandy need to, for the love of fucking God, stop screaming. Every sentence these kids are screamng, and not acting. It's a whole show of screaming, and I bet the actors are in a lot better shape after a session than after someone who did voice work for John.

Sorry. Old gripe. Cartoons mostly suck nowadays and the ones that are awesome really have to fight to be seen.

Gonna go slit my wrists now.

- trevor.

James Sutton said...

I was watching my Earthworm Jim tape and saw your name.


SlashHalen said...

Hey Vincent, you're a kick ass artist and I love looking at your doodles.

In Earthworm Jim's defense, it was a great video game. MUCH better then the cartoon.

Vincent Waller said...

I had High hopes for the cartoon, But so many factors can make a cartoon take a turn for the worse.