Friday, June 06, 2008

Dodger Game Last Night

It was Bobble head night at Dodger Stadium and my friend Loretta had tickets.
If you get invited anywhere with three pretty girls, the standing rule is, You Go!
While there I learned from L, that you don't go to ball games specifically to watch baseball.
The main reason for going is to ingest a many Dodger Dogs , Hamburgers, Pizzas, Malt cups and of course Alcohol as you possibly can.
I ate one Super Dog, one Hamburger, A bite of Jen's Pizza, a malt Cup, a couple of handfuls of Peanuts, and two very large Rum and Cokes. Oh and a soft serve vanilla cone.

Jen Nicole and Loretta Show off their bobble heads.

Great Seats Huh? Huh? Thanks L!
Three Girls One Cup.

Showing Off
By the third inning I started to show a little team spirit. I think maybe something was in the Dogs.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone. Thanks for Stopping in to See Me.


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Fun fun fun!

Sounds like you had fun. Me? I have to see the Jack Black Panda movie.

They're making me.

- trevor.

Marc Deckter said...

I'm getting hungry reading your list of refreshments! Sounds like a well spent evening- I like your team spirit troll look.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

And now, I've seen the Panda movie twice.

I give it a B, and I didn't even think I'd like it, cuz I usually hate CG.

- trevor.

Vincent Waller said...

Marc you found my brother!
Well a B bodes well for them.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Seriously, it looked like they took the most talented people from 'Horton' and put them to work.

The layout department knew a thing or two about good cartoon acting and staging, and Jack Black is a great actor for that stuff.

I've often thought if they made a Termite Terrace movie that Jack Black would make a great Tex Avery.

- trevor.

Ryan G. said...

Wow! Great seats!

Vincent Waller said...

I know they do shift everyone around to whatever project is on the front burner.

Anonymous said...

baseball and cute girls. works for me. lucky guy.

david gemmill said...

baseball is horribly boring. but the dodger stadium is cool cause of the food, the weirdos, the weird sense of community and camaraderie with l.a. natives.

once i went and saw a promiscuous ghetto couple in the higher seats. the dude was getting head.

go dodgers.

tina kugler said...

i used to go there just to eat dodger dogs. actually, i used to go most places just to eat. like disneyland. best corn dogs in the universe, that little cart by the baby care station at the end of main street.
ohhh, i miss the dodger dogs. however, we do have the sausage race here.

Vincent Waller said...

Hmmm sausage race. Sounds intriguing.

I'll have to try the corndogs next time I'm there.