Monday, June 02, 2008

New Bob's on the Horizon

Mon, 6/2 - 105A "The Splinter" (premiere)/ 103B "Suction Cup Symphony" (repeat)
Tues, 6/3 - 107A "Giant Squidward" (premiere)/ 105A "The Splinter" (repeat)
Wed, 6/4 - 106A "A Life in a Day" (premiere)/ 107A "Giant Squidward" (repeat)
Thur, 6/5 - 106B "No Nose Knows" (premiere)/ 106A "A Life in a Day" (repeat)
Fri, 6/6 - 101A "House Fancy" (premiere)/ 106B "No Nose Knows" (repeat)


James Sutton said...

Thanks for posting the air dates Vincent.

I love the part in The Splinter where the all knowing Patrick(numbbuts) came and poured garbage all over Spongebob's thumb to "stop the swelling"


Allyn said...

proberbly be a long time before we get to see these episodes this side of the pond, i'll just be patient!

Mr. Semaj said...

I saw "Suction Cup Symphony" for the first time yesterday, and I kept thinking that it would've worked better as a pantomime cartoon, something like Season 1's "Reef Blower".

Anonymous said...


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

You're right, Vincent. I've seen the light.

You said to me a long time ago that there were some very unique and fun drawings to be seen in the in-betweens of the Spongebob show.

As of now, and thanks to you, I'm officially a fan of the show... despite all it's flaws.

BTW, any plans to do any future work with 'Channel Frederator' (sp?)? Those cartoons you directed, especially the Hey Look! cartoons, are some of the best around today.

- trevor.

James Sutton said...
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