Monday, September 01, 2008

Iphone scan

My scanner is down so here is the Iphone grab.
Its been soooo busy in here.
Got it. Ill send answers when I'm through them.


trevor said...

You didn't draw this with the Staedtler pens, didja?

So what'd ya use?

I love it, btw. Is this someone you know?

- trevor.

k.dubb said...

cool sketch, Vince! wish i could still be around the ol' SB crew to draw with you guys. hopefully soon i'll be back at the studio. for now i'll just check out your blogs for cool drawings like this. thanks again for all the help you gave me during my internship! maybe if you get time, could you check out some of the stuff on my blog? and as always, your crits are MORE than welcome!

Allyn said...

that's a good capture of a great drawing! hmmm the quality is so good it's throwing my whole "i hate mac" perspective into question.

Vincent Waller said...

Hi Trevor.
just a blue ball point from I don't know where.

Kris thanks, you're missed around the place.

Thanks Allyn

Vincent Waller said...
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Vincent Waller said...

LOL...Andy you are more than welcome.
Keep up that marvelous crap that you
keep squeezing out of that thing you call a brain.