Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin Witchcraft

Its WiiiitchCraft!
Really? Really?
Come on folks make it stop.
Enough enough


glamaFez said...

Vincent, thanks for speaking up about the tar pit of insanity the USA seems to be stumbling into.


chrisallison said...

Haha, shit man. Just when I finally got my mojo hand and those strands of Palin's hair that I won off ebay. Now I'll never be able to put my love spell on her now that she's protected.

jack raffin said...

"let's pray for sarah"...hahahaha... this is INSANE!

trevor said...

"Let's pray for Sarah ..."

I think you'd have to.

- trevor.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Chris Allison.

I guess I bought a jar of ground goat penis and the hair from a small man from the Euphrates for nothing. So much for returning Sarah to the 5th Dimension with John McCain.

Son of a bitch.