Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cintiq Quicky +

Hunting tips.
This one got a little busy while was on the phone distracted.

Then we had a writers meeting so a doodle with a ball point.

I also killed the adds on this site. I tried just to see how much revenue would roll in. Ten bucks for to months of eye torture was not a good exchange. I hope the lack of advertising clutter is easier on your eyes.


kris.w said...

so much energy in every line!

nice one :0)

Katie said...

Soooo cool!!! I love the top one, his face is amazing.

ArtF said...

i wish my quickies were this awesome! and that guys fingers are the best.

thomas said...

Especially like first drawing. The over the top look on the guys face, while he thinks he's going to blow a squirrel away; and how he casually has his foot on the hollowed out log... very funny.

You said its too busy. Is it the branch coming down from the top?

Thanks. nice drawings. and thanks for putting the kay-bosh on the ads

My wife and I are big Spongebob fans.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks All my friendly friends.
Art, yeah hands and finger are trick and for me intuitive. Meaning I'm not presently able to just draw a hand from any angle off the cuff. Oh to have the ability to retain and use acquired knowledge. (John Buscema jumps to mind)
I either get lucky the first time, or it's struggle of epic proportions.
This time I was lucky.

Thomas, Mostly I mean just that much scritchy line work.
I did go back in and fix what bothered me most. Originally his teeth were smaller and his interior mouth had too much detail. I went back in and gave exaggerated teeth and darkened his mouth interior. It helped a lot.

Vincent Waller said...

Oh and I'm glad you like Sponge. We have some funny and weird ones coming up.

WIL BRANCA said...

I'm really enjoying your Cintiq stuff lately!

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks Wil. I've been having fun with it.

thomas said...

Looking foward to the new Spongebobs!

We've always wondered about Pearl... we don't think she's adopted...but just where is the ex Mrs. Krabs...and how much alimony is she collecting.... (???)

Jim Smith said...

Love that scary guy with rifle, Vincent. Glad to see you on the home blog, I am at the wb ranch on Hollywood way just a piece down the road from the old screenland spot where we had some legendary parties at your house. I don't think I have your e-mail.

Vincent Waller said...

Thomas, The only one that can answer that question is Steve Hillinberg and I don't think he is telling.

Jim if'n you leave your email here, I will not let it post but will be able to read it, and then send you mine.
So I guess Ill show you mine if you show me yours.

Trevor Thompson said...

Thank GAWD those ads are gone!

I really love these ones, especially the expression on that hunter's face! I'd watch his show more avidly than I watch yours!

What kind of ballpoint where you using? Bic?

- trevor.

Carol Wyatt said...

Me want Cintiq!

You are amazing Vince!!

Anonymous said...

Reporting live from a tiny cell phone... anyways I love these doodles!