Friday, June 26, 2009

SB ManMouth


jack raffin said...


you. the. man.

not sure if you realise this.

unfinished bear sketches or no.

you. the. man.

beyond being the "rubber nipple salemsman" guy...haha

goddamn, man. waller doesn´t mince around with the pen. and even when he does, it´s a friggen TREAT to witness.

really... thanks for the blog.

Dave Fontana said...

Wadda beauuti-ful, right brain, etch'a sketch of Bob.

ArtF said...


thomas said...

Looks lke Mr. Krabs has been overworking poor Spongebob. His right hand; his patty flippin' hand; is all withered. Luckily, his left hand, his hitchin' hand; is ok. Maybe he can catch a ride to the beach, and meet up with Sandy, for a little R&R.

Nice drawing; like the forced perspective on the legs.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks guy You're all mighty kind.
Thomas, I stole the leg theory from a little girl that came through on a tour. I let her draw on the Cintiq. She drew a SpongeBob with those tapered legs. I told I was going to steal the theory, and I did.

david gemmill said...

hahhaha! cool!

my word verification was "pesteeto"

thomas said...

funny story; It takes a big man to fess up to stealing from a little kid. Your secret's safe.
I have a 3 yr. old niece she's a genius... I'll pass on any SB drawings she does.

Kenny P. said...

When are we going to do an episode with altered character designs like that?

C'mon 8th season!!!

Vincent Waller said...

Sell it to Steve. I'm in.

Rick Roberts said...

SpongeBob Tweekedpants

RobochaoXX said...

Haha I love these.

Spongebob as seen in the eyes of Squidward everytime he walks by.

It's always different.

You dah man Squiddy!