Friday, February 12, 2010

Creepy Bob or Kip or Abdul Depending on What Part of the Country You are in & Also an Animatic Meeting Doodle


RooniMan said...

I'm confused.

Vincent Waller said...

If it's all the names that are confusing?
In Texas Big Boys are Kip's big boys, in parts Ohio they are Abduls and here of course they're Bob's.
If it's the creepy character that is confusing, I pretty sure that one is some sort of Hell spawn sent here to collect innocent souls and drag them back to the under world. .

Vincent Waller said...

All the Big Boy Name incarnations

* Abdow's (Massachusetts, Connecticut)
* Azar's (Northern Indiana, Colorado)
* Becker's (Rochester, NY area before TJ's)
* Big Boy of Florida (Exclusive rights to the Central Florida territory was acquired by Irv Lichtenwald from 2006 through 2011 with the right to extend this franchise for 6 additional years)
* Bob's (California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Northeastern Ohio, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, as well as Indiana and Pennsylvania turnpike and airport locations operated in several states by the Marriott Corp.)
* Eat'n Park (metro Pittsburgh) dropped Big Boy in 1975.
* Elby's (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio) owned the Big Boy rights to northern West Virginia, originally through Shoney's and quickly expanded Big Boy into bordering Ohio counties, subfranchised through Frisch's, and later expanded through Pennsylvania. A trademark battle with Frisch's over Ohio operations caused Elby's to drop Big Boy affiliation, to be followed by Shoney's et al.
* Elias Brothers (Michigan, Northeastern Ohio, Ontario, Canada)
* Frisch's (Ohio, Kentucky, S. Indiana, Florida until the early 1990s) the Cincinnati restaurant chain and first franchisee, began serving Big Boy hamburgers in 1946; Frisch's now operates 88 Big Boys & franchises 32 Big Boys to others. They also franchise Golden Corrals in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.
* JB's (Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Washington, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas)
* JB's (Canada) (Ontario and Alberta in the 1970s)
* Kebo's (Seattle & Tacoma, Washington area before JB's and Bob's)
* Ken's (Maryland - suburban Washington DC, became Bob's late 1960s)
* Kip's (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas)
* Lendy's (Western Virginia)
* Leo's {Spokane, Washington, Montana}
* Mady's (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
* Manners (Northeastern Ohio)
* Marc's (Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois) were owned by the Marcus Corporation. Some were sold, others were converted to Marc's Cafe & Coffee Mill and later Annie's American Cafe. Most now operate as Perkins.
* McDowell's (North Dakota)
* Shoney's (Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Maryland), founded by and named after Alex Schoenbaum, no longer displays the Big Boy Statue, because it dropped its relationship with Big Boy in 1984 in order to expand to other states where others owned the trademark. It was the second Big Boy franchisee and subfranchised to Elby's and Lendy's.
* Ted's (Rhode Island)
* TJ's (New York)
* Tops (Illinois)
* Tote's {St.Louis, Mo. area before Shoney's}
* Vip's (New Mexico)
* Yoda's(Western Virginia)

Zoran Taylor said...

^THAT is the most unexpected outpouring of highly specific knowledge (or Wikipedia content?) I have yet to see on the blogosphere.

Vincent Waller said...

Yes ZT, that was a straight Wiki lift. Who knew Big Boy had so many names.?

Dave Fontana said...

I always knew him as Bob... the Checkered Demon.

Are those chin hooks to hang your coat and tea bag?