Tuesday, February 09, 2010

NightLine is Doing a Short Piece on the Bob

They came through and interviewed folks on our process.

I think the original concept for this drawing was that they wanted me to Draw the journalist Neal Karlinsky as an inhabitant of Bikini Bottom. Time constraints kept that from happening on camera (thanks goodness) so I just did a quickie for Neal to keep.
My versions of Bob and his world are always kinda wonky.

It may air around the 18th barring any new major disasters breaking out.


ArtF said...

i'm liking it!

RooniMan said...


Severin said...

Neal doesn't suspect what horrors await him as a citizen of Bikini Bottom.

Can't wait for that Nightline special!

Allyn said...

ace drawing! will look for the interview on youtube =D

Dave Fontana said...

Hey, well whadda ya know, some worthwhile news on TeeVee... I'll have to tune in... n' wear my flippers.

Vincent Waller said...

Severin, Too true.
Dave if the date changes I
'll post it here.