Monday, January 23, 2012

A bunch of Quickies.

Kate Micucci freezing in a field.

I wish there was more to show, but everything else is Top Secret. Once it has been cleared I will have reams of crazy ass drawings to post. Hopefully you'll dig'em as much as I've enjoyed drawing them.


tracey defran said...

I know the context for all of these but the first one. George the bartender was the best!

Steven M. said...

Love these.

Vincent Waller said...

Hi Tracey, Yes you do, and yes he is.
Thank you Steven.

Pedro Vargas said...

These are really great, Vincent! I'm a huge fan of your drawings. I think the one with the baby would make a nice t-shirt.

jsutton said...

Hi Vince, do you happen to have any drawings or any recollection from your time working on The Tick?

I happened to see that you had some storyboard input for the first six episodes. I hope for more fun drawings in the future!


Vincent Waller said...

Thank you Pedro. Now that mention it the would make a good Tee Shirt.

James I think I only did two boards on the tick. It was well before I was scanning anything.
The episode bits I remember working on was the when Chairface was using a laser to graffiti the surface of the moon.
I'll look around and see if I have anything from it in studio.