Thursday, January 03, 2013

Doodle at 30.000 Feet

I was in Dallas over the holidays, catching up with family and getting my mom comfortable with using a computer. Went to an exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art thanks to my friend BenjaminVincent who treated myself and my brother with his membership. I was so completely inspired seeing all the posters cira the 1870s. Seeing all those beautiful wall sized posters. It made me want to work really big.  
First the poster show, and then reading my friend Richard Lange's hardboiled modern day LA crime novel "This Wicked World" caused this drawing jumped out of my brush on the flight home. 

The fellow in the foreground I had drawn several months back. I drew his head his arms and part of the cash register, but then grew disenchanted with where the drawing was going. But a long flight can get the wheels in your head turning again. As soon as I drew the pistol, I knew where the piece was headed. 

If you're in the Dallas area I recommend the poster exhibit.

If you like reading I recommend you check out Richard's book.

Oh and if you dig Vampire Novels Check Larry Hama's The Stranger

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