Monday, October 23, 2006

Incoherent Thoughts

The beginning of many ramblings, that are guaranteed to not only rot your eyes, but to turn your brain to mush from boredom.


Jorge Garrido said...


Vince, what can you tell us about the Harvery Birdman bear?

Danne8a said...

I can't wait to see what you will post!

Art F. said...

hey Vincent! glad you got a blog! it was really great talkin to you at John's. you guys inspire the hell out of me!

Max Ward said...

I can't wait for this.

Trevour said...

I'm waiting with great anticipation!

Drew said...

Climb aboard the blogging train Vincent!

Hoping to see plenty of boogers and farts along the way, too!

Vincent Waller said...

Apparently I'm "This Guy Vincent Waller" (Rather than Supervising Director of the show at the time. ) that made the bear do something the writers found funny.
I guess I shouldn't complain, at least they remembered my name.

Hi Art!
And thanks everyone for the warmly welcoming this Ludite to the world of Blogging.

Jorge Garrido said...

After muhc searcinh I found the thing you're talking about.

"Ever wondered about the origin of the mysterious Bear at the Law Offices of Sebben and Sebben? Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter recount the Bear's secret history in the following transcript from ASIFA-Atlanta's Harvey Birdman Retrospective.

Michael: There was this guy, Vincent Waller, who worked at the John Kricfalusi studio. Right? He worked on Ren and Stimpy, right?

Erik: Yeah.

Michael: Anyways, he's sort of this great Los Angeles animator and there's this, uh, in the Apache Chief episode, there's this series of slides to build empathy for Apache Chief for all the horrible jobs he's had to have since he got booted out of the Super Friends. And one of the jobs he had was...he's at the Redwood National Forests, so he's like one of those trees you drive under and then you get right under his crotch. There's this bear and we asked that this bear be pointing up because in every shot, there's someone pointing up under his legs.

And there was this bear. And the model of the bear turned out to be the sweetest drawing we had ever seen. The Bear just had such inherent goodness and wisdom in him that we asked that he just be in the end, just inexplicably in Harvey's office. And then, he did that clapping thing, and then looked sad and then smiles again.

He has the most depth of any character in the show so we keep using him. It's hard not to use him too much. You have to watch it.

Erik: He's the most zen creature on Earth."

Those sons of bitches.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks for clearing that up for us.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait...


How the hell did I get here?