Saturday, November 08, 2008

6th Season Wrap


kris.w said...

congrats guys!

ArtF said...

Now, you know I now have to challenge you to some bowling.

Congratulations! May there be many more.

Howsimplylovely said...

Congrats! I'm such a huge fan of the show, and have been since '99.
I'm so excited to see the 6th season! I'm into animation and such, so I appreciate SpongeBob into my adulthood.

-Julie (SpongeBob's biggest fan)

trevor said...

Are you certain of your future, or may there not be a season 7?

I hope so.

- trevor.

Vincent Waller said...

Kris thanks mate.
Art, as all can testify, I am a terrible bowler. itll be an easy win.
Julie, thankyou. there are some funny shows coming up.

Hi Trevor, One can't be sure of a future. Space trash might get me tomorrow, but we are a about a quarter way through season 7. So Im pretty sure there will be eye candy for your viewing pleasure.

trevor said...

This is great!

If space trash does come in the form of Planet X in December of 2012, at least we'll have SpongeBob there to make us laugh while we're wiped out into oblivion.

The end is nigh, and it's a laugh!

- trevor.

Annie-Mae said...

Hey there, Congrats! Super neat to see the random sketches you scan. I like meeting the people who are working on it now, the art is going in a very creative direction. Hope to see more, keep up the great work.

I was wondering, if come an 8th season what type of positions are you guys looking for? Looking for new people? I need to start job hunting for animation work, in general and Spongebob was one of the shows I've been looking into for a while, just poor timeing and all.

Colter said...

Awesome! And congratulations.

Vanoni! said...

Nice that everyone's bowling photos play out in real time and in order.

And congrats.

Indeed - may there be many more.

- Corbett