Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flurry of Blurry


Super Wu-Man said...

hey! i'm a huge fan of ren and stimpy and spongebob so i'm so happy to find your blog...and your artwork here unrelated to those shows is amazing, really like the frazetta like conan stuff with skeletons, haha.

keep up the great blog!

also on a side note do you ever do any kind of shows or signings on the east coast?

trevor thompson said...


- trevor.

PS: Check your email later this evening, Vince.

ArtF said...

Tre' shweet!

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks Guys

Marc Deckter said...

cowabunga dude

Howsimplylovely said...

Gosh I love these two. They're so cute.

...but you know, I love SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks too. I'm a member of a forum dedicated to Spongebob and Sandy. haha.
Will she be appearing in many of the upcoming episodes?

I'm a big fan! :)