Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bob Givens: Grand Old Man of Animation

If you haven't watched it yet get over Asifa
and have a look at a great interview by Steve Worth with Bob Givens.


Super Wu-Man said...

yeah saw this on the john k blog, really great stuff, i'm glad someone took the time to interview and make sure these guys didnt get forgotten...

and its also a great interview cause that guys got a mouth like a sailor, haha, hilarious!

trevor thompson said...

I wish my computer here at work ( the only one I can use these days ) had sound. Bob Givens was a great draftsman.

Too bad I can't hear 'im.


- trevor.

Dave Fontana said...

Great stuff, thanks.
I wonder how long they held Bob in that interrogation room.

Vincent Waller said...

Yeah, I love me some the way things were stories
Trevor, no head phone plug?
Dave, I hope they held him there for at least an hour or two more.

David Germain said...

"Bunch of thieves" he called the directors. hee hee

Great and valuable interview.

Hryma said...

Good stuff.
Looks like the BFG :)