Saturday, March 26, 2011

Howard Stern's Squeaky Clean

Those of you that are on facebook have seen this. So those that haven't, the back story is that Howard had his yearly doctor probing scheduled. A joy that all past the age of 50, should get done. He told the story of making himself crap before he left his house, because the previous year he thught he saw a little brown on the doctors retreating glove. Worried that his butt wouldn't be fresh as a rose for his doctors finger, he strips off his pants, and ties his shirt up in the daisy duke fashion, climbs in the shower and proceeded to soap his ass. All the while worried that his gal Beth would come up stairs and discover his shame. His telling made me laughing so hard that I had to draw it.


Vul Morcilla said...

Hi! I'm writing from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Your illustrations are magnificent. Powerful, brutal, subtle and cry; they ask blood, flesh.

Congratulations. I think your art is just wonderfull!

I invite you, if you have time, to my blog. It's called "The attic of the pudding. " I write stories about "Empanadas (Pastry), traditional food of Argentina.

Can you draw me an "Empanada"? I'll add it to my future book ...

Big hug,
Diego .-

Trevor Thompson said...

I haven't listened in a while. What's going on with Artie?

Steven M. said...

A clean ass is a happy ass.

Vincent Waller said...

Vul. Ill see what I can do. :))

Vincent Waller said...

Trevor, haven't really heard anything good.
Steven M yes, for others too.