Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nozawa's Sushi Raised a lot of money for the Tsunami Victims this last Sat. Yay, and thank you to Nozawa.

Pal Maurice Lamarche, Tanya Haden and Jack Black, just a few of the famous and talented folks that joined into Sushi Nozawa's Tsunami Benefit 4 Japan.
Maurice was in at the bar in this drawing, in his usual spot.
That's Tanya and Jack back behind me, being very sweet to each other.

If you haven't had sushi from Nozawa, you really haven't had sushi.


Steven M. said...

How do it go?

Bekkie In Wonderland said...

You are really an awesome artist and I like your stories. The Nashville bus station sounded very realistic! Ha ha! I think we are all getting nuked and they're not telling us! If you read any of my blogs start with my Earth Day blog about our government hiding the fact that we are doomed! I have seen a lot online about the radiation levels here in CA but never hear anything on the TV news. You can see me anywhere, cause I am glowing! Tee hee! ♥