Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Bunch

                                                  Based on a Michael McKean Tweet

                              Aisha Tyler busting out with her goodness at Flapper's Comedy Club

                                            Mr.Lawrence in a writer's meeting on SB

                                        A giant Sized Wally Wood arrived at my door today

                            Based on an Albert Brooks tweet where he said he would stop making
                                     jokes about the Secret Service..
                                                                                      Not a moment too soon.

                                                     Lunch Time Napkin Doodles

                                     Based on a Rainn Wilson tweet about piggy backing on WiFI

Kate Micucci riding a Zeplin


Anonymous said...

My mouth is drooling with glee right now! Your drawings need to be in a museum. Love the Kate Miccuci and Albert Brooks drawings best here.

Gotta watch more of the new SpongeBob episodes. I saw one of them the other day and enjoyed it. How long do you think Nickelodeon will keep the show going until they have to pull the plug, like they did with Ren and Stimpy (don't kill me for mentioning the show here)?

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks man.
It's ok. I wasn't one of the folks scarred by R&S. Well at least not as deeply. I was but a medium shot on the show not a big shot.
But about the Bob that is a Sponge, I haven't a clue.
We're still working on Season nine. Then we start the movie. After that is complete we will have to wait and see if they want a season 10.